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While the coronavirus is still in our communities and is still contagious, Clinics, PCP,s Offices, Emergency Rooms and most health facilities are limiting access and visitors. Concerned about COVID-19 and want to speak to a provider? Use our Telemedicine Platform for your first visit?

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Hands and Hearts Open Mobile and Electronic health Care.


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Dr. Octchere-Boateng was very nice and extremely thorough. I was new to the experience and the Dr was very patient with me & all my questions. I never felt rushed like I often do at DR’s Appts. & everything I needed or had questions about was taken care of. DR Octhere-Boateng left a great 1st impression. I would use this service again.

- Elizabeth Swift

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Dr. Otchere-Boateng is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. Always enjoy reading his insightful answers. Recommended.

- Dr. Bahman Omrani

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- Michael Brandson

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