Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Clinic

Growing Operation of Mobile Clinics: -

The number of mobile clinic in Tennessee State has is growing at a rapid pace. While the peace and tranquility of the state is very attractive, the isolation can at times be a nuisance. Especially timely healthcare can be a problem in such states that are isolated. Thanks to mobile clinics quality healthcare is now in reach of people living in even the remotest areas. These mobile vans are placed at destinations like schools, local business centers and other areas where communities of people are present. These vans effectively provide immediate healthcare and basic diagnostic services that help in identification of any underlying problem in the right time.

Effectiveness of Mobile Clinics: -

Surveys and research support the premise that mobile clinics are very effective in improving healthcare of people. With facilities such as basic health screening, emergency care and management of chronic illnesses mobile clinics help in improving the overall quality of life in communities. Another very important use of mobile clinics is in disaster-hit regions where there is urgent need of medical facilities all over. The convenience provided by mobile clinics to diagnose illnesses and do consultation at nearby locations is a major factor in improving the utility of mobile clinics.

Mobile Clinics and Future Healthcare: -

Healthcare is revolutionizing at a pace never witnessed before. Especially the pandemic hitting globally has made countries realize how important it is to make healthcare accessibility easier for masses. The traditional healthcare model composed of hospitals and clinics has rendered to be outdated. Advancement in technology and artificial intelligence calls for new and more effective ways of healthcare. Mobile clinics are one of these methods.

Important Features of an Effective Mobile Clinic: -

Hospital Facilities: -

Mobile health care clinics services are easy to set up and run compared to complex hospital facilities. However, there are certain important features that a mobile clinic must essentially possess. These include separate passages for entry and exit. This is very important as mobile clinic is a small facility, area wise. Not having separate passages for entry and exit can cause patient traffic, congestion and commotion. An elaborate and sophisticated design is very important to save time and increase efficiency.

Patient Requirement: -

Sufficient lighting is another important requirement of a mobile clinic. Examination of patient requires special lighting to identify the problem and symptoms. Movable and powerful lighting is essential so that it can be brought to the exact spot where highlighting is needed. This might seem to be a trivial concern; however, for effective diagnosis it is very important from a doctor’s perspective.

Examination of Mobile Clinic: -

Mobile clinic might not provide much space however, having proper examination table is very crucial. Not all problems can be detected by having the patient sitting on the chair. In some cases it is important to have the patient lie down. Hence a narrow stretcher that can fit into small spaces is essential.

Proper Ventilation: -

Mobile clinic is space-constrained. Risk of getting infection gets high in such conditions. Inadequate ventilation not only makes the place congested but can also make it toxic because of alcohols and chemicals used in the facility. Therefore it is very important to have proper ventilation. Similarly it is important to disinfect surfaces regularly to reduce any chance of contracting infection.

Clinical Mobile Services: -

When operating a mobile clinic services, it is important to coordinate and collaborate with organizations that are involved with community services. These include rehabilitation facilities, social service providers and other relevant organizations. This collaboration helps in referrals that will benefit both the potential patient and service provider. Having culturally sensitive staff is also relevant for mobile clinics. This helps reduce language barriers which can pose great difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. Such staff helps in understanding important cultural beliefs and provides the required trust and care.  

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