Tips to Choose a Nursing Home

At some point in time, many of us come face to face with a situation when we have to decide to place our parent or elderly to nursing home. As emotionally stressing the decision might be, equally important it is to make the right one. Especially if the elderly is suffering from chronic health problems or recovering from a severe accident it is in their best interest to place them to a skilled nursing facility where they get due care and attention. Rather than taking such a critical decision in haste when faced with a crisis situation, it is better to be proactive and do the required homework before the need arises. Here are some tips to choose a nursing home.

• Involve all family members in the decision making process: -

It is an important decision that needs to be discussed with all the family members. Especially involve the ones who attend to the elderly the most. They will help you get a better idea of the health conditions of the concerned person making tips to choose a nursing home accordingly. Do not make the mistake of deciding it all on your own without involving the concerned elderly person. It is their right to know and participate in the decision regarding their lives.

• Location of the facility: -

It is better to opt for a skilled nursing facility that is located close to your home or workplace. A facility located far away would mean making your beloved wait for weeks or months for you to pay a visit.

• Ascertain the level of services required: -

This is a very important consideration. There are a variety of services provided and different tips to choose a nursing home ranging from fairly independent living to a skilled nursing facility in Tennessee. Depending on the physical and mental activeness, prevailing health conditions and will power of the elderly person, the level of services required shall be determined.

• Visit the nursing facility: -

Make sure to visit the nursing facilities before you decide. Do not base your decision on Google research and fancy websites. Visit the nursing home in Tennessee not once but twice at least before you arrive at the decision. It would be better to make the second visit as a surprise one. Observe the nursing home very carefully once you are there. Look out for unusual things or red flags. Foul smell indicates poor hygiene conditions and inadequate maintenance. Interact with the elderly people if you get a chance. Watch the staff’s behavior with them. Visit the dining hall and have food there. Check for the quality of food. See if they prepare special dietary food for specific needs of patients. Observe if the facility is airy enough to give space to the elderly rather than having them all crammed up together.

• Put forth your concerns till you are satisfied: -

This is your right to ask as many questions as they pop up in your mind. After all, it is about the safety and well-being of your beloved. Ask about how they keep a check on the staff’s performance and behavior with the patients. It is important to know how they recruit their staff in order to gauge their level of professionalism. Ask about how they deal with patients’ complaints and reservations. It is important to know the measures they take in order to keep a track of patients’ health and well-being.

• Take opinion of experienced friends and relatives: -

Taking advice of those who have had firsthand experience would be a great idea. Friends, relatives and community members who are likely to have better knowledge and experience in this regard can be very helpful.

• Family physician’s opinion matters: -

Lastly, your family doctor especially the one who tends to the concerned elderly might be very relevant to help you make the decision. He would be able to give you a suitable suggestion as he would be fully aware of the patient’s health conditions and requirements.